The Story

Star Restaurant Group brings a rich and varied background in all aspects of the hospitality industry to the fine art of making restaurants work.


Since 1998, we’ve been passionately creating and developing food and beverage concepts, working with hotel managers and REITS, managing operations, and training our people to do it better.


Every great restaurant deserves to have its story told.


Concept Creation

We start from scratch and create an original story with a clear path to making our big idea happen through an imaginative and thoughtful process.  Based on real estate, market research and industry analytics, our talented conceptual design team brings our stories to life in the real world of hospitality.


Concept Development

We organize, refine and develop our story into a food and beverage business model that matches our vision and makes long term business sense.  From idea inception until the time the doors open to the public, we navigate the creative process and prepare for critical and financial success.


Star Restaurant Group understands what it's like to work in the spaces we create and we pass this mindset on to every project we touch.  Bold strokes and ideas need to answer to the human touch and therein lies the real beauty of design.


Every story needs structure in order to be successful.  Star Restaurant Group integrates the food and beverage operations necessary to make our businesses work.  Our seasoned team of experts understands the process and implements the latest technology to accomplish our goals.  We are driven to ensure that every social space we operate maintains a healthy balance sheet and returns continued profits to our investors.


The human element is at the heart of every operation we manage and without it nothing works. Now more than ever we must acknowledge and understand how our guests feel about what we do and how we do it. Star Restaurant Group seeks out and develops food and beverage professionals who embody innate hospitality traits. We can teach you to be a great technician but service must engage hospitality first. We engage top university hospitality schools to feed our student internship program and develop talent from the academic world to the business world.

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